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Our all-in-one technology solution reduces capital expenses by outsourcing your IT operation. Customized to your needs, Lotek’s cloud services help to easily scale your business and quickly respond to new market conditions. We make IT easy again by handling every aspect of your cloud solution, from the migration process to a steady state where proactive managed services, automation and monitoring make it a truly no-hassle experience.


Many businesses host an in-house custom application which they need to provide disaster recovery for and also high availability. That's where the Cloud comes in. We can help you find and test the nooks and crannies of your legacy or otherwise blackbox app for which the developers have long since retired on some beach in a remote country only they know about. By carefully testing and then migrating each piece of your technology to the cloud you refresh your control over the security of your data. The security of your legacy application is also tested, load testing is preformed, and a new baseline established. Heck, it might even inspire your developers to write some new code!